Ceiling Suspended FDE Specifications

eco-touch-kablolu-kumanda-rc-ex1a Use Friendly
LCD panel with light tap operation introduced as the industry’s first
Simple interface with only three buttons

High Level of Visibility
Big LCD with 3.8 inch full dot display
Back light function
Multi language display (9 languages)

Saving Energy
Sleep Timer
Peak cut timer
Automatic temperature set back
Weekly timer
Set ON/OFF timer by hour
Set ON/OFF timer by clock

Error code display
Operation data display
Next service date display
Contact company display
USB connection (mini-B)

High Power Operation
The highest capacity operation (Max 15 minutes)
Increasing compressor speed
Increasing air flow volume

Energy-Saving Operation
Changes set temperature. At 28oC in cooling mode and 22oC in heating mode, 25oC in auto mode.
Operation correction by outdoor temperature

Individual flap control
High Power Operation
External ventilation ON/OFF
Warming up operation
Automatic fan speed
Temperature increment setting by 0.5oC

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