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indoor unit remote control
wired all models RC-E5
indoor unit remote control indoor unit remote control
Kablosuz FDT RCN-T-36W-E FDK22-56 RCN-K-E

RC-E5 Wired Remote Control With Weekly Time (Option)

rc-e5 The RC-E5 controller enables extensive access to service and maintance technical data combined with easy to use functions and a clear LCD display.

Weekly timer function as standard
RC-E5 provides (as a standard feature) a weekly timer, which allows one-week operation schedules to be registered. A user can specify up to four times a day to start/stop the air conditioner. (Temperature setting is also possible with the timer).

Run hour meters to facilitate maintanance checking
RC-E5 stores operation data when an anomaly occurs and indicates the error on the LCD. It also displays cumulative operation hours of the air conditioner and compressor since commissioning.

Room temperature controlled by the remote control sensor
The temperature sensor is housed in the top section of the remote control unit. This arrangement has improved the sensitivity of the remote control unit’s sensor, which permits more finely controlled air conditioning.Changeable set temperature ranges
RC-E5 allows the upper and lower limits of a set temperature range to be specified separately. By adjusting a set temperature range, you can ensure energy saving air conditioning by avoiding excessive cooling or heating.

RCH-E3 Simple Remote Control (Option)

rch-e3-kabloluConsidering specialized usage in hotel rooms, control buttons are limited only to minimum required functions such as ON/OFF, mode, temperature setting and fan speed. It is really simple and easy to use.

Up to 16 units
It can control up to 16 units individually, with pressing the AIR CON No. button.

AUTO restart
This function allows starting the air conditioner automatically when power supply is restored after power failure or by turning on the power switch.

SC-THB-E3 Thermiston (Option)
In case sensor in the indoor units or the remote control sensor can not sense the room temperature correctly, or individual remote control
Wireless Remote Control (Option)
For wireless control simply insert the infra-red receiver kit on a corner of the panel.

RCN-TC-24W-ER RCN-E-E RCN-K71-E rcn-fw-e rcn-kit-3-e
RCN-T-36W-E-RCN-TC-24W-ER rcn-k-e-rcn-k71-e


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