Mitsubishi Heavy Q-Ton Heat Pump Water Heater

Contrary to Normal Heat Pump devices reaching only up to 55 °C hot water values, the “Q-Tone”, via the world’s first q-ton-heat-pump-sicak-su-ureticisicombination of Rotary and Scroll compressors, and use of CO₂ fluid, can produce hot water up to 90 °C. In 2011, Heat Pump unit was awarded the “Best Technology Award” by the Association of Japanese Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRA), and the “Energy Efficiency and Savings Product First Award” by the Japanese Energy Conservation Center (ECCJ).

“Q-Tone” runs on only electricity rather than any fossil fuel. In this way, energy saving between 45-75% for hot water production costs is provided compared to conventional systems. Even at -25 °C outside temperature, hot water up to 90 °C is supplied. Due to its modular structure, enabling serial connection of 16 devices of 30 kWh capacity, it reaches 480 kWh capacity and provides the capacity of 100,000 litres hot water production per day.

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