Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF Systems Indoor Units

Wide variety of 17 types 92 models
A range of 17 types of exposed or concealed indoor units available in a wide range of capacities (total 92 indoor models). The best solution of indoor units for all applications is available from our full lineup.

Mitsubishi Heavy VRF Systems - Indoor Units


Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Stylish and modern, it is one of the most commonly used indoor unit types for especially offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other places with drywall or tile suspended ceiling applications by providing a homogeneous air-conditioning with 4-way airflow control.

2-Way Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Providing 2-way airflow, the product presents alternative solutions in terms of air conditioning by reducing the risk of bypass in long and narrow places.

1-Way Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Thanks to 1-way airflow function, it can be applied in long and narrow places such above doors, walkways, window fronts. With its slim and stylish design, it is also appealing to the eye.

Low Static Pressure Duct Type (Concealed Ceiling) Indoor Unit
It is an indoor unit model, completely concealed in the ceiling, projected through simple duct applications in places such as hotels and hospital rooms. Among Mitsubishi Heavy VRF systems, it is one of the most preferred models due to low noise levels and air-conditioning comfort.

Concealed Ceiling Indoor Unit
Through up to 100 Pa external static pressure, the product is projected in long duct applications. It is suitable for not only for drywall but also tile suspended ceilings.

High Static Pressure Duct Type (Concealed Ceiling) Indoor Unit
For long duct applications requiring airflow/absorption from more than one point and for wide places with high ceilings, it provides effective solutions through external static pressure up to 200 Pa.

Ceiling Type VRF Indoor Unit
Thanks to the stylish design over plaster and long distance airflow, it is frequently applied in places such as stores or movie theatres.

Floor Standing VRF Indoor Units
Floor type devices, providing an easy and practical solution for the air-conditioning of places with low ceiling level, can provide different decorative solutions. While a modern view is achieved with a cassette device, a more aesthetic view is also available through a device without a cassette, concealed in a case if required.

Wall Mounted VRF Indoor Units
Where other Mitsubishi Heavy VRF air conditioning systems cannot be applied, wall-mounted devices are projected in both split systems and VRF System in terms of ease of installation.

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